Last night when you let me sleep in the bathtub I dreamed about…him again.

I remember something about him. I remember him having long and blue hair. And being younger. And telling me stories.

I remember I had a brother.

I remember I lost my brother.

I remember this man tried to hurt me.

When I go any deeper than that — and sometimes I do — I just see his horrible face.

I don’t always dream about him and it’s been a long time.

I never want to see him again.

I never want to think of him again.

What is the Komodo dragon woman’s name?



Bram, I gotta tell you. I’m all on board with writing this stuff that you say is about the future and will change the world and all of that. And it’s not like I have anything better to do anyway. But my brain can’t handle anymore and I’ve got to sleep. OK? So I’m going to make a little spot in the bathtub…and turn the lights off. And let’s just see what happens, ok? I might feel better. I probably will. But I can’t handle any more of it. Make sense? The Devil, Charles Lindbergh, Blue Glaucus. What’s a Blue Glaucus anyway? Right now I don’t care. Please let me sleep.



Hey Bram,

The stuff that you had me right about the false Jesus guy and the black hole guy was weird. Disgusting stuff about the KKK. I didn’t know any of that.

For the first time, though, I kind of felt like we bonded a little bit, don’t you think? Like about the mac & cheese! And the whiskey!

I said something that I wish I didn’t. I hope you don’t think I’m a weirdo or something.

But I’ve been left behind before, you know. And you are like the only thing that I have here, even though you are 30 years in the future.

How does that work anyway? You never told me.

I know it’s silly but when the lights were out and I couldn’t see you, the main thing I wanted to do was hug you.



So I get that this thing you’re telling me about The 19th Amendment is important. Women couldn’t get the right to vote. Richard Nixon becomes president and Kennedy never does. I understand that.

But I got to tell you. It’s freakin’ cold in here.

I can’t get out.

I’m keeping cool.

But I need some help really soon or I’m going to lose it.



I get it.

Something happens in history.

Like the Marcus Garvey person I didn’t know about.

In real life in August of 1920 he was a part of a parade and a big celebration in Harlem.


In real life it happened.

But in what Bram is saying is Timeline 2, The Blue Scorpion guy came and killed many people.

And in Timeline 3 the crab man guy named Finton Bates came in and stopped Timeline 2 from happening.