Swan Man, Lamprey Man

I’m in a bathroom and I have to write this because some guy named Bram is telling me to.

I’ve been asked to type that in the future there’s a place called Zoocenia and they’re like animal-humans or something.

And in the 1920s some of these creatures came to the US because of the Red Scare. The Palmer Raids were a series of events where the FBI or something was arresting people for sending dynamite packages.

A bored swan man from Aeonia, which is something like Sedona in Zoocenia in the future came to earth in 1921 and was picked up by a blonde girl on her way to Hollywood to become an actress.

They stopped by a bathroom and the Swan Man saw a Lamprey Man.

The Lamprey Man was taking immigrants because of the Swaltrex Corporation. And eating them. With his wife.

The Swan Man killed the Lamprey Man and saw a Turtle Man in oil.

This is Timeline 2? I’m so confused.




Claire (darktyme.com)

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Claire (darktyme.com)

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